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Octasmart Pillow

Product Details

Powered by multi-award winning Octaspring® Aerospace technology, the Octasmart® pillow is a smart pillow, featuring our special memory foam springs for optimised support and smart performance cover for the dreamiest cloud-like feel.

At the heart of the pillow, the dozens of smart Octasprings®, move 3-dimensionally offering customized support, that continually adapts to your sleep position through 24 sensitive comfort points to cradle your head and neck all night long! This makes the pillow a perfect choice for all sleeping positions, front, back and side.



50 x 70 cm


  • Sleeping Positions: All

  • Octasprings: 24

  • Top Filling: Wellsleep fibres

  • Cover: Smart Performance

  • 8x more breathable

Wellsleep Fibres

Soft as down, light as a feather - super fine Wellsleep fibres create the outer layer and keeps the pillow plump. These soft and airy fibres also provide better air circulation adding to the cooling system.

Like Sleeping on Clouds

The hundreds of comfort pockets built into the smart performance cover will make you feel like you are sleeping on tiny clouds. It brings extra freshness to the topper allowing better air circulation and letting hot air escape. Plus, it is anti-allergenic and can be removed and washed at 40 degree celcius.


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