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Products > Green Tea Pillow - Buy one, get the second pillow half price!

Green Tea Pillow - Buy one, get the second pillow half price!

Product Details

The classic "Green Tea" pillow has a special outer microfiber cover (softdream micro fibers) enriched with green tea essence. With a pleasant smell, you can enjoy a relaxing, soft and comfortable ambience for sleep. Ideal for different sleeping styles.


Relax comfortably with DORMEO GREEN TEA pillow. Pleasant green tea scent will help you relax and give you peace of mind for your sleep. The pillow case is supplemented with green tea extract microcapsules, which spread the skin with a pleasant green tea flavor. This refreshing fragrance will help you relax after a busy day and dip your sweetest dreams. Enjoy the pleasant smell of your home, make your rest a real refreshment.


The DORMEO GREEN TEA pillow is extremely pleasing and soft. Wellsleep® advanced microfibre gives it extra softness and smoothness. A soft and comfortable pillow that will allow your skin to breathe, thus ensuring a proper rest. This material perfectly regulates the temperature and is pleasant to your skin. Microfibre air ducts give the pillow more tone and volume.


Pillow size: 50x70 cm.


Washable at 60 ° C

This pillow can be washed, so it is perfectly aimed at ensuring a hygienic sleeping environment.



Dried mechanically at low temperature.

Base      100% polyester (Wellsleep® advanced microfibre), 500 g / m².

Additional information: 

Cover    100% polyester (Softdream microfiber), quilted upright pad, 100% Polyester (Wellsleep® advanced microfibre), 200 g / m².





Pillowcase is filled with microcapsules with aroma of green tea.

Extremely soft and pleasant.

Great for every type of sleeper.

Easy to maintain.




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