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Pillows > Dormeo Siena Pillow - Buy 1, get the second pillow half price!

Dormeo Siena Pillow - Buy 1, get the second pillow half price!

Product Details


The Classic Pillow for a comfortable night's sleep in all positions.
Pillow Siena is versatile & comfortable for sleeping on your back, stomach and side. At the same time it has orthopaedic properties for head and neck support where it is most needed.

An innovative material for a perfect sleeping environment!
Pillow Siena is filled with innovative Microfiber wellsleep ® advanced fibres, which provide a perfect sleeping environment.




The advantages of the pillow Siena
• extremely soft, keeps its shape
• Microfiber filled with wellsleep fibres, which breathe and at the same time provides adequate support for your neck and head
• extraordinary power of removal of moisture, which reduce sweating and unpleasant smell
• machine washable
• suitable for those with allergies
• size: 50x70 cm.

The composition of the product
• Outer padded cover filled with 100% Microfiber wellsleep ® advanced & inner filling is 100% Wellsleep fibres

• the cover is made of 100% microfiber, soft and pleasant to the touch

• dimension of Pillow: 50 x 70 cm

Easy maintenance and long life expectancy
Because wellsleep fibres are durable, you can launder the pillow at 60 ° C. These durable fibres withstand years of use without altering their properties: stay elastic and do not lose the volume.



How does it work?
The combination of the perfect materials for natural comfort.
Siena pillow has big dimensions 50 x 70 cm and is filled with wellsleep ® advanced fibers, which are the perfect combination for natural comfort and superior feeling on the skin.

Hypo-allergenic properties !
Microfibre wellsleep ® fibres are extremely soft & airy. The structure of fibers forms air pockets that allows the pillow to keep its volume well.
This is a pillow which is a great alternative to goose down filled pillows, because it offers an inhospitable environment to dust mites and so is great for people who suffer from allergies.

A pillow that you can wash in the machine.
Because the pillow can be machine washed at 60 ° C, it is particularly suitable for those with allergies and those who want to sleep in a full clean environment.
Gentle & pleasant to touch and feel on the skin
Pillowcase pillow is made of Microfiber which makes the pillow soft and pleasant to the touch.


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