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Dormeo Pillows > Dormeo Eucalyptus Pillow - Buy one get the second pillow half price!

Dormeo Eucalyptus Pillow - Buy one get the second pillow half price!

Product Details

The Dormeo Eucalyptus pillow for a natural, hygienic and comfortable night's sleep.

Our new Eucalyptus pillow cover filling is made from 100% natural mixtures of Eucalyptus Tencel ® and wellsleep fibres, and offers your skin a touch of nature. The inner filling is 100% Wellsleep microfibres.
The TENCEL ® material  provides a fresh, dry and airy environment.

• 100% natural Tencel ®-for enhanced absorbency
• fibre obtained from the eucalyptus
• adjustable height and hardness
• suitable for those with allergies
• regulates the temperature for better sleeping comfort

The production of Tencel ® is an environmentally friendly material, since it requires less energy and water. Tencel ® is 100% natural and completely biodegradable
From this exceptional, innovative natural material we have made a pillow that is a naturally hygienic and hypoalergen material without adding harmful chemicals, to reduce the formation of bacteria and makes it extremely comfortable and natural sleep.




The composition of the product

• Fabric: Softdream Microfibre
• Padding: 50% lyocell (Tencel ®), 50% polyester (Advanced Wellsleep ® microfibre), approximately 220 gsm
• Filler: 100% polyester (Advanced Wellsleep ® microfibre), about 600 g
• Dimensions: 50x70 cm


  • Machine Washable at 40 degrees celsius


Dry and fresh sleep environment

Tencel ® fibers help create a fresh, airy and dry sleeping environment that is optimal for your skin.
This material has exceptional termoregulative properties that keep you warm on cold nights, fresh in summer.
Tencel ® material in the Eucalyptus pillow is a pure and natural hypoalergen, perfectly absorbs moisture, reduces the development and reproduction of bacteria, mold and dust mites and also provides air and a dry sleeping environment.
The new Eucalyptus pillow allows you to set the height and hardness and thus adjust perfectly to your body shape and position during sleep. Simply undo the zipper  and adjust the height and softness with the addition or subtraction of filler.
Wash in the washing machine at 40 ° C
Guaranteed perfect hygiene. Place pillow in the washing machine, the temperature set at 40 ° C and will retain exactly the same shape.


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