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How do I know which memory foam mattress to buy? 

There are so many memory foam mattresses on the market right now, and they cover every price point. So it’s incredibly important to understand what you’re paying for. 

Be wary of cheap imitations

This is your sleep we're talking about! You spend a third of your life in bed, and how you sleep impacts on every area of your waking life. So choose carefully! Be careful of buying a very cheap mattress. Many of the cheaper memory foam products available emanate from vast factories in the far east and suffer terribly from "off-gasing", a chemical smell typically found in cheap memory foam mattresses. You should always ensure your mattress meets fire safety standards and all Dormeo Mattress are approved by FIRA, which is the regulated body when testing for mattress safety in the UK.

I'm not even sure what memory foam is!

Reacting to your body temperature, memory foam changes its shape to provide greater support and more comfort than any other mattress. It's man-made and is technically described as visco-elastic, temperature sensitive, slow recovery urethane foam. Have a look at our 'Memory Foam Explained' section that will help you understand the great benefits of this remarkable innovative mattress technology.

What sizes of memory foam mattress are available?

Dormeo Memory Foam Mattresses come in Single, Double, King, Super King & Queen sizes. If you’re at all unsure of any widths or lengths, the exact measurements can be seen in the diagram below.

What bed base is best for a memory foam mattress?

Ideally, your bed base should allow for good air circulation to prevent any mould formation due to the Maltese humid environment. Wooden strips with a width of 4-5" and placed 3-4" apart would work just fine. A proper slatted bed base with flexible slats will help circulate air and provide you with an even better sleep.

Mattress Size Guide

90 x 190/200cm (Single)

135 x 190cm (Double)

150 x 190/200cm (King)

160 x 190/200cm (Super King)

180 x 190/200cm (Queen)

Made to measure are also available for some models.

Our Mattresses are tested rigorously and have a recommended weight limit of up to 120kg (per sleeper) in order to get maximum comfort from the range.

Your sleeping position

Take into account your sleeping position: What style do you prefer? Are you a side, back, or stomach sleeper? Whatever your sleeping position, there's a Dormeo mattresses for you! Your existing sleeping style can help point you in the right direction when buying a new mattress. Dormeo mattresses are all clearly marked as soft, medium or firm. 

Sleep on your back?

All our Dormeo models are adapt for back sleepers as they all will assist with spine allignment.

Sleep on your side?

A medium/soft Dormeo mattress with built-in pressure relief points around shoulder and hips should be best for you.  The Octasmart models with octasprings for pressure relief could be another option for you. 

Sleep on your stomach?

Consider a firmer Dormeo mattress. 

If you sleep hot

Try out the Octasmart models with inner foam springs that will add breathability to the mattress and will help you feel cooler while you sleep.

If you can't decide 

Choose a hybrid style mattress that combines the upward force of an innerspring with motion isolation of memory foam.  You will have the best of both worlds.

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