Dormeo's Memory Foam: not all memory foam is a like

Like a master chef putting together a special recipe, the Dormeo researches have worked for years perfecting our visco-elastic memory foam to have the right combination of softness and support.

It's not easy. The trick is to get the right size molecules that will bounce back not just the first time but for years and years. This is the reason why we proudly offer our 15 year guarantee on Dormeo Memory 2+12 mattress.

High volumes and Italian manufacturing

In the last few years there has been a rise in unscrupulous companies selling "memory foam". Mostly coming from China, but also from other parts of the world, these manufacturers are producing low-grade just to reach a cheap price point. There are some problems with these products: If this inferior memory foam stays vacuum packed for more than a few months it won't regain its original shape when opened and secondly it very quickly loses its property to bounce back losing thr all important "cradle effect" that good memory foam delivers.

Dormeo mattresses are the leading Memory foam mattress brand in Europe which means high volume and not those long shipping times from other side of the world ensuring your Dormeo Memory 2+12 Mattress is fresh and performs to our exacting standards.

Is Memory Foam hot?

Dormeo 2+12 Mattress is very thermal sensitive as its visco-elastic memory foam becomes softer in warm temperatures and firmer in cold temperatures.

When you lay down on your memory foam mattress, certain parts of your body will press more heavily into the mattress. The added pressure of these contact points also transfer more heat, causing the foam to soften exactly where needed, keeping your body cool or warm, as wanted.


Clare Ford:

"Gives me a proper night's sleep."


"It's transformed my sleep!"


"It's so easy to set-up."


"Lucy now sleeps through the night"